Intense Pulse Light a.k.a. IPL

One my favorite treatments to do on myself and to my patients is IPL! IPL can be used to treat many issues with skin such as acne, Rosacea, unwanted veins, broken capillaries, sun damage, enlarged pores and improve tone and texture. IPL is also known as a “photofacial”, or BBL.

IPL can be done different ways and so you will hear people say it hurts and makes you swell but you will also hear it feels a little hot and like a light rubber band pinch.

There is such a variation due to the variation in energy being which dependent on what the treatment focus is. For example most Patients with rosacea have sensitive skin and to treat general redness a patient can swell and feel more heat when high settings are used.

For the most part I treat the skin with the goal in alignment with Dr Patrick Bitters research out of California and use settings that are targeted to treat the main complaint but also be anti-aging. The skin can look better, tone become more even and many patients are less red when they leave the office than they were when they entered. As with most skin treatments patients often see best results with a series of 3-4 treatments. 

In treating skin there is a balance and if you are not using good skin care or if you are sun tanning or using tanning beds IPL will not be able to over come the damage from poor skin health lifestyles. When you use IPL in addition to better lifestyle choices of using good skin care best matched to your skin as well as sun screen there is usually a more healthy and youthful and more even skin surface. 

Treating sun damage is common here in Florida and IPL is well tolerated and we will make sure you know what is entailed before and after each treatment.

See some before and after photos and call to make your appointment so you can get a start on having your skin look more youthful!