What is the SENTE Bio Complete Platform?

SENTE Bio Complete platform was scientifically designed to provide speed, efficacy and tolerability in an all-in-one night product. The exceptional tolerability of this platform is driven by sulfated glycosaminoglycans (SuGAGs). Efficacy and speed are the results of unique combinations of retinoids and SuGAG analogs which act synergistically to improve the appearance of multiple signs of photodamaged and/or mature skin with minimum irritation.

SENTE Bio Complete Serum combines the benefits of SENTE Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) and two forms of retinoids: free retinol and retinyl safflowerate. SENTE Bio Complete Serum provides a low strength retinoid product and is indicate for subjects with mild to moderate photodamage, as well as those are first time retinoid product users of and subjects with sensitive skin who cannot tolerate traditional high strength retinoids.

SENTE Intensive Bio Complete Cream contains two SENTE SuGAG analogs: Dermatan Sulfate Analog (DSA) and Chondroitin Sulfate Analog (CSA) in addition to encapsulated pure retinol (0.5%). SENTE Intensive Bio Complete Cream is indicated for subjects with moderate to severe photodamage as well as those who can tolerate traditional retinol very well.

Retinoid irritation depends on several factors, such as subject’s skin sensitivity, type and concentration of retinoid, vehicle used in the formulation and environmental conditions (ie., dry air or pollution). All of these factors must be taken into consideration to provide subjects with the correct retinoid product to use.

We have added SENTE Bio Complete platform to our inventory and we have seen a big difference in our patients skin.

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Patient after 2 weeks of Intensive Bio Complete Cream use
Patient after 4 weeks of Intensive Bio Complete Cream use
  • Source: SENTELABs Newsletter