The Best Facials in Brandon, FL

Facials for Your Needs at Redefine Beauty

Relax and experience the difference at Redefine Beauty Aesthetics. Give your skin the treatment it deserves and experience the difference with our medical grade professional products. We keep our menu of facials simple as we pride ourselves in being the experts on what your skin needs. The combination of experience, expertise, and use of the best products on the market we will give you a facial experience like no other. According to Time Magazine (December 4, 2017) Americans spent nearly $17 billion on spa services and experts say skin results from facials depend on the type of facial, where you have it performed, and the skin benefit you’re hoping to get out of it. We are committed to results and are always outcome focused.


On a time crunch but really need some skin help? We provide what your skin needs for those on a time limit. The express facual will combine the right products to meet your skin needs but will have less relaxation time.

This facial is targeted for teens and the skin health challenges common to their age group. We customize to the skins needs of acne, dryness, overproduction of oil or any other challenge the skin may have including acne to the back, chest, or arms.

This facial is for the person who is new to getting facials or new to having skin treatments and wants to do an introductory facial. This person may not know about dermaplaning or microdermabrasion and would like to do one or two treatment options only.

This facial will be unlike any other facial you have experienced. We will customize the complete treatment to meet your specific skin challenges.  Because we are committed to  you looking your best,  treatments that are usually “add for an additional charge” such as dermaplaning or brow shaping are included with this facial.  So, if your brows need a touchup, it’s done at no extra charge.  If you have unwanted fuzzy facial hair, and you need some dermaplaning, it is included with this facial. Need a mask for hydration and calming? It is included in this facial! Need a lot of exfoliation?Microdermabrasion is included.

Want an immediate lift and glow to your skin with zero downtime? Or are you wanting to look great for an event that same day? These hydration treatments are one of the top treatments getting celebrities red carpet ready! Enter the Nano Facial….It uses a silicone tip that goes on the micro-needling pen and does not “penetrate” the skin with needles. The nanotip pushes the skin brightening and hydrating serums into the skin without downtime. Multiple passes on all areas of the face can be treated – even the more difficult areas such as under the eyes, to lessen the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, or uneven skin tones.  This treatment is best done in a series of three.  It can be done once a month, or once a week. Depending on your skin goals, the Nano Facial is a wonderful treatment for all skin types and can be perfect for sensitive skin.
If a mask is indicated as being beneficial to your skin, it is included in each of our facials. There is not a separate charge for specific masks.