RHA Derma Fillers

At Redefine Beauty Aesthetics, we pride ourselves in having the most up-to-date methods of making your skin look and feel like new. We are constantly educating our staff, researching data on new treatment methods and products, testing them, and then investing in new products and state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to stay on top of the industry with the finest skin care therapies available so that we can offer them to our clients. Our success is based on your outstanding results. Here are some examples of our latest treatment offerings:

There are 43 individual muscles in the face. They help you smile, frown, laugh, squint, even cry. You name it, these muscles help you with countless movements every single day. A wink here. A laugh there. And every single movement or micro-movement creates wrinkles and folds in your skin over time.

With the use of RHA Derma fillers, we can smooth wrinkles and restore volume to create a natural, attractive and expression filled appearance. The RHA stands for Resilient Hyaluronic Acid, and it is the only FDA-approved filler focusing on the results of a face that is in nearly constant movement every single day.

At Redefine Beauty, we use this revolutionary treatment to rejuvenate your skin, so it looks and feels stronger, younger, with minimal wrinkles. The breakthroughs in both science and medicine in the field of cosmetics allow us to bring our patients new and exciting treatments that can make all the difference in the world.


Here are some of the benefits of RHA Derma Fillers:


  • Correct facial wrinkles and folds, without rendering your face immoveable and expressionless
  • Remove chin lines, wrinkles, smile lines around the mouth, and crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes
  • Restore moisture, volume and contour to the cheeks, chin, and jawline


RHA Derma Fillers adapt to the dynamic areas of the face, allowing for natural movement. Because these fillers are very similar to the biological hyaluronic acid that naturally exists in your body, they adapt well to your skin tissues, providing structural support and softening the look of the skin. It allows your face to move expressively, while encouraging and maintaining its vitality. RHA may allow for the greatest flexibility in your most dynamic facial areas.


  • Because RHA products move with your face, they take longer to break down, producing results that may last longer than traditional fillers.