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Our Passion at Redefine Beauty is Skin Care.

Skin care is one of my absolute passions. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and serves many wonderful purposes and protects us. Healthy skin is the foundation in achieving a more youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Many patients request Botox and filler to look more refreshed and rejuvenated but I feel like that is only covering a piece of the anti-aging puzzle. When you lift and soften lines, tighten pores, even out skin texture and lessen sun damage patients look many years younger through skin rejuvenation itself! We carry the best medical grade products based on white paper proven science/research. We carry skin care lines that are best for our patients not skin care lines best for the business!

Skin Care Products

Brands We Carry at Redefine Beauty

We are passionate about healthy skin and our medical grade professional level skin care products are the best based on science and research.

FactorFive is a human stem cell-based line that entails three products only: A serum, anti-aging cream and an eye cream. This product line is out Silicon Valley and is revolutionary in its technology. It is called FactorFive to fight the 5 most common signs of aging: Wrinkles, Sun spots, Elasticity, Thickness, and Texture. As we age our skin produces less rejuvenating components to maintain our appearance and FactorFive is formulated to help with this natural process happen more slowly and reverses some signs aging.

Direct information can be obtained from the website:

We also carry a blend of ZO (Zein Obagi).

ZO is a skin Health Skin care line that has the most comprehensive product choice to meet your skins needs. With over 50 Clinically proven solutions for all skin types, ZO’s complex combinations are effective for many skin challenges. I feel the products designed to treat acne and rosacea are the true super stars of this line.

During your consultation the products best matched in treating your concerns will be fully explained to you. For more specific information the website links to each line are below: