Micro-Channeling & Micro-Needling in Brandon, FL

What is Micro-Channeling & Micro-Needling?

AquaGold is a new break through and exciting new technique allowing a new   delivery system of bringing bioactive drugs or compounds into the skin. It gives immediate improvement in the skin appearance and has a patented micro-channeling technology where the needles are finer than human hair and sheathed in gold. Thus, allowing skin boosting serums, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients as necessary for your skin needs. This differs from micro-needling by the ingredients to be delivered are mixed in the chamber above the gold sheathed needles and thus a more uniform and even treatment can be delivered. It is especially great for the areas more difficult to treat with lasers such upper eye lids and under eyes, neck and decollate.

Aqua Gold

Frequently Asked Questions About

Will Micro-channeling treat the same things as Micro-needling?

They can be used to treat similar challenges (fine lines, dry skin, tighten pores) with the skin but micro-channeling I use more for the finesse on the tone and texture of the skin.  If you have deep acne scars or deeper lines a combination of micro-needling and micro-channeling may be necessary for best results.

Will there be downtime?

Micro-channeling- Your skin may become a little red and there may a little yellow time to your skin depending on the formulation we use for your micro-channeling but for the most part there is no down-time.

Micro-needling- Depending on the depth of the treatment you will have more redness and your skin may have superficial areas of light bleeding. Due to several different variables like the depth required, type of skin being treated, and topical products used there is usually slightly more social down-time with micro-needling.

What precautions do I need to take before Treatments?

We recommend for our patients:

1. to stop retinoids/Retin-A products 1-3 days prior to treatment.

2.Avoid sun exposure for at least 2 days prior to treatment and to reschedule if you have a sunburn or have been in a tanning bed within 1 week.

3. Some patients may be encouraged to stop specific skin care products, and this will be determined during the consultation.

4. Do not use “new to your skin” products for 1 week prior to treatment.

5. Some patients may require an antiviral medication prior to treatment to avoid having a “cold sore or fever blister” develop.

What post care do I need to do?

We recommend our patients:

  1. Do not get direct sun exposure for at least 10 days.
  2. Do not apply any topical products (including sunscreen) to your skin unless advised by Redefine Beauty Aesthetics.
  3. Do not apply makeup to area treated for at least 12 hours post treatment and be sure to use clean brushes or a new sponge to apply makeup post treatment.
  4. Do not perform vigorous exercise get overly hot for at least 2 days post treatment.
  5. Take all medication prescribed to you by healthcare provider.