Happy Anniversary

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Redefine Beauty Aesthetics!
Celebrating turning one this month has ignited so many wonderful feelings but also set a fire of excitement within us to continue on our path of “Redefining beauty “ for us and our patients!
While looking at other people posting various Anniversary photos online I noticed there are many people using “filters” to enhance their appearance.
It got me thinking about what the real homerun of Redefine Beauty Aesthetics is…it is restoring your skin and lifting areas that may have dropped with age and restoring collagen where time and sun may have lessened.
We want to rejuvenate your appearance so you can be Filter Free!
We are growing and glowing…is it a peel, IPL, light laser, microneedling, filler, Xeomin, or makeup that will restore your filter free appearance!
We invite you to come Friday January 25 from 12-2 for our Merz (Xeomin) sponsored  Ribbon Cutting and special promotions!