Happy Mother’s Month, Year, Life.

The beauty of Redefine Beauty Aesthetics is not only that we help people look and feel better but we get to know some of the most outstanding people. We have some of the smartest, kindest and gracious patients and we are so blessed beyond words to know them and that they put their trust in us. 

This month we focus and share gratitude for all mothers. We appreciate all mothers and my heart is overflowing with emotions when I think of my own Mom. I am so very lucky to have a mother that embodies all qualities of a wonderful woman.

She is full of spunk, courage, love and can be the best boss/CEO of life and still find all the joy with living. She has the ability to give a lecture better than any professor I have ever had ( and I have spent a lot of years in school) and she can capture a side of my children that only gets revealed to her. To say “my cup runneth over “ is an understatement. She is my biggest cheer leader and also my grounding pad to help me keep the balance of life in perspective – time with work, kids, husband, etc.

 Another reason I love this month is I reflect upon my three little blessings who have made me a mom. I get nostalgic about the way  motherhood has a way of making some days feel like an eternity and yet the years feel like you blinked and suddenly a teenager appears!  

My hope for all of you reading this is that you have at least one memory of your mother or a mother figure that brings you warmth. If you are a mother – you are enough. Motherhood has no manual (even though you thought it did while reading “what to expect” books) and brings tears filled with all emotions. Whatever season of motherhood you are in we celebrate all that you are!