Laser Hair Removal and Sports

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery Laser hair removal has remained in the top 5 non surgical procedures for the past 6 years. It remains a very popular treatment for both men and women.The convenience of not having to shave and deal with redness, irritation, itchiness and razor burn makes this such a popular treatment! For those who are in sports that require fitted outfits such as swimming, dancing, gymnastics, and cheerleading not having to shave can save so much time and energy.

There are different motives for removing body hair, depending on the sport. Athletic performance benefits may result. Ease of treating injury is another possibility. Aesthetic motive can also play a role. Every sport has a different reason. Swimmers, cyclists, and runners provide good examples.*

Competitive swimmers are known to shave their entire body. There actually is good reason for it. Studies show that removal of body hair has a direct impact on performance, a substantial one at that. A study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine compared freshly shaven swimmers with a control group in the pool. While performing the breast stroke over 400 yards at 90 percent effort, the athletes with no hair experienced a reduction in blood lactate, a decreased VO2, and an increase in stroke length.*

The mind plays a monumental role in our ability to carry out tasks efficiently. That means, if an athlete is worried about hair issues, then they are more likely to perform poorly. In respect to that, the last thing that an athlete wants to worry about while on the track is their appearance, and most especially the presence of hair. LHR offers total hair removal, and as a result, once an athlete completes their procedure, they are sure that they don’t have to worry about hair on the wrong places. This means that they are now able to direct their full focus on the sport at hand, hence increasing their chances of winning and excelling in their career.**

It takes approximately 5-7 treatments every 6-8 weeks to get an 80-90% permanent reduction and so starting now will give you a great start on being beach ready this summer!