Happy New Year!

On the eve of a new year I always reflect on the previous year.
I look at the memories, the experiences and small moments that have accumulated into an entire year!
I have so much to be grateful for!
This year I look back with pride and excitement …January we celebrate turning 1!
Redefine Beauty Aesthetics has been open 1 year and we will celebrate this in many exciting ways!
Reps and other offices are always asking me to talk about my “brand” and to “market more” and “advertise big”…
you know Redefine Beauty Aesthetics “brand” is so much more intimate and personal than “big marketing”. Our patients feeling they look “better, refreshed, younger, less tired, less stressed”…is OUR big marketing!
OUR brand is listening to you and preserving how you look only making it look fresh or lifted and turn back the hands of time!
We want you to look natural and the biggest feedback we hear is “ I don’t want to look filled or fake”.
My patient this morning was so scared of looking filled like a movie star she saw recently…she was so thrilled with her natural look but could see her eyes look less tired, her mid face lifted and her jaw line more defined! Younger looking version of her was achieved.
So as this New Year rolls in I ask you…”How do you want to Redefine Your Beauty?!”
We will bring you results you are excited about: Less lines around your mouth, less lines around your eyes, lifted mid face, skin that is healthy and glowing.
Put as part of your resolutions and you will look at 2019 as Redefining your new look… no one will know what you did but everyone will notice!
I am proud of all we have accomplished and I am full of appreciation for each of you. You have made this a year of growth, gratitude and beauty! I want you to hear these simple words…Thank You…and know it is said with such deep meaning!
Happy New Year!
*Actual Patient
*Actual Patient
*Actual Patient