Happy Cyber Monday!

Are there deals that are exciting to you?
How do you go about making the choice of what you want to buy?
Do you choose based on price?
Are you someone that reads the reviews?
Or is it a specific item you have been waiting to go on sale?
Did you know that when people feel they must get something “quick before it’s gone” there usually is some buyers remorse involved. I have read that prior to Cyber Monday or Alibaba (shopping day equivalent to Cyber Monday in China) that many companies pay to have their “ratings” boosted by people who have never ever tried the products! This seems so dishonest to me.
Here at ReDefine Beauty Aesthetics we pride ourselves in trying every single product or treatment on us before it is ever offered to you! Today we trialed a treatment for hair loss and hair thinning and we trialed a new microneedling serum that is popular in Dubai and Hong Kong! Our commitment to you goes beyond what the reps and companies say…we are 100% behind what we offer to you! We will not compromise on our products or services and we do not pay people for our reviews! We do have some fabulous Cyber Monday and holiday sales…so be sure buyers remorse will not be a factor when you buy from us!
Happy shopping!